Goodbye, Miss Ellie Holz




We had to say goodbye to our little Ellie bellie this morning. ┬áThis scardey cat, rescued from a ditch at a busy intersection 11 years ago, turned out to be a fierce hunter- and thought she was a dog. We didn’t tell her otherwise, and accepted her frequent gifts of birds, mice, and affection. She bonded with every dog we’ve had, and mourned each one we lost, as we mourn her today.

Even though it is the right thing to do- no matter how many times you go thru it, its never easy.
Itty bitty kitty- you will be missed by your humans and dogs alike.

Cheryl Holz

A loving farewell… Happy Trails Max Niemiec

Max 016

Dear Dr. McIntyre,
We are terribly saddened to inform you that on this past Thursday we lost our beloved Max. He passed peacefully at home in my arms. While we knew his diagnosis was grim we were hoping for more time and we are eternally grateful for the almost 17 years of love and laughter our beautiful boy gave to us. He had stopped eating and drinking a few days before and we knew there was nothing we could do but make him comfortable. He was incredibly strong even in his final days. In fact, our Max who peed on anything and everything that didn’t move and thanks to you stopped doing that, would let us know if he needed to use the litterbox, and we gladly obliged. Towards the end Freddie Willie, and Mika stayed by him, watching waiting, almost like they were paying their respects. It was beautiful and incredibly sad at the same time. We all miss him terribly! Freddie seems the most affected at the moment. He seems to be looking for him everywhere. He gos from bouts of hard playing to staring off into nothing. We will get him through this with help from our girls and hopefully we will get our crazy Freddie back soon. We also wanted to thank you for your hard work and dedication to our furry family. We know you love them almost as much as we do. We look forward to seeing you next year for their next exam and for many years after that. I thought I would send you my favorite picture of Max in healthier days. That’s how we want to always remember him.
Sincerely Mary Niemiec